Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas. Mmmmmmmmmm. Love it!
We had a nice, peaceful Christmas at home.
Santa brought Neely a "bicycle with pedals" (one would have to understand that her previous bicycle had no pedals--she's had a "walking bike" since she was 2, and thanks to the wonders of that walking bike, at 3 1/2 she's riding her big-girl bike nix training wheels!). She also got a "salon" with which she has played "Honey's shop" in our living room. She even went so far with that one as to call Tripp's dad the next morning and say "Be here in three minutes." So he walked over, bringing Honey along, because the pair of them thought we might have breakfast prepared. Little did Boo know Neely did not have any food to offer, but was taking him up on his own offer the night before to "make an appointment" sometime. He obliged, and received a wash, trim and style before resuming his normal activities for the day. Tripp and I are looking sharp, since we've each received several such appointments in the past days.
Neely also received a pair of Fisher Price roller skates from Cricket, and a very large doll house from Honey (complete with dolls from Grandma). The last gift has been extremely popular in this cold weather, and she spends up to an hour at a time in her room playing in her new little make-believe world. 
Tomorrow a.m. we're off to Gainesville/Athens for Christmas with my side of the fam. We're starting off with a bang in the morning, meeting Mom, Mit and Granddaddy at Babyland General in Cleveland for Neely to receive her last major gift, and to see where the Cabbage Patch dolls are born. Goodness! What will we do with all this new stuff?!
More to come.

Fun little notes:
Neely's using "big words" in their proper contexts these days, and it cracks us up! The other morning, Tripp was helping her dry off after her bath and asked her if she thought she was dry enough to get dressed. She felt her skin and said, "I'm not 'absolutely' dry." Ha!
This morning, she informed Tripp she wanted to watch "Bump car racing," which he translated as the rally car races (the cars that go over bumps) he often records and watches from one of those obscure Direct TV channels. She then told him she planned to race "bump race cars" one day, and that she would drive while her daddy would "sit" (also known as the "navigator" position). We got a good laugh out of that one!

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